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A freelance videographer & photographer.
I love travel, comics, heavy metal, American football, Amsterdam, 90s wrestling.

But one thing that I am most passionate about is people who decide not to fall into the stereotypical 9-5, drive to work, count down to the weekend, pay your bills, go back to work etc lifestyle and go out and do something exciting and scary with their life.

Personally I have never fallen into the the 9-5 thing and I commend anyone who starts their own business, travels the world full time, vlogs, blogs, plays in a band, works out of their parents garage to live their dream.

In this day and age social media is key to growth and I hope to work with these types of people by creating content for them to use on the likes of Youtube, Instagram etc.

While I take the odd coorperate job to pay the bills, it is far from my passion. I'd rather work with the dude down the road who is starting up a company in his bedroom selling retro wrestling t shirts or the local cafe.

Hit me up if that sounds like you.