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As 2023 draws to a close I thought it was about time I updated my wedding showreel to include some of my more recent weddings, especially including my string of destination weddings which I still can't quite believe have happened.

This job keeps growing and taking me the new heights year after year, so here's to the future!



Bryana & Tom's wedding in Majorca Spain

In 2022 I  shot one of my favourite, if not my absolute favourite, wedding videos ever in Magheramorne House. Shortly after delivering that wedding video I received an email saying "Hey you shot our friends wedding the other week. Are you free to shoot ours next year? It's in Majorca."

To say I was excited to book this one would be an understatement.

What an utter delight it was to travel to Majorca to shoot Byana & Tom's destination wedding in Finca Comasemma. I can honestly say I have never shot in more stunning surroundings and had so much wonderful food and drink provided all day long. The banter was unreal and well worth me making the trip over from Northern Ireland for!

What came after was less than ideal....

The day after the wedding  the Island woke up to one of the worst storms it has seen in a very long time. The funny thing is, I was totally unaware of this when I woke up, got ready and left my hotel for the city center. I'm thinking "It's a bit cloudy today", not knowing that earlier that morning the island had been devastated by winds and rain. It turned out that I was walking into the city during a lull and when all hell broke loose I was stuck in the city center, about a mile from my hotel with no option but to run all the way back in the heaviest rain I have seen in years. On the easyjet app they couldn't make up their mind as to the status of my 6pm flight.

Arriving at the airport was more like arriving in a warzone. People were lying everywhere. On every sign, every flight had that dreaded red writing beside it. Flights from 6am were only boarding now a solid 10 hours later. Countless flights were cancelled.

And then there's me, taking off just 30 minutes late and getting home absolutely no problem, not even with any turbulence. I actually felt guilty getting home so easily.

THEN the next day is when the entire UK air traffic control system went down and caused unprecedented  air travel chaos across Europe, while I sit at home on my sofa drinking coffee and following it on the news. Man alive did I get away with that one!




Planner & Catering:



Daniel & Carol's Château wedding in Bordeaux, France

In 2022 my buddy Mark McCullough and I were blessed enough to shoot a beautiful wedding on the Croatian Island of Hvar, where we may or may not have gotten trapped in a castle for several hours before escaping with a ladder that we found in the staff room.

Fast forward about 14 months and we are back on a plane and shooting that couples friends as they married in the unbelievably beautiful Bordeaux countryside in Chateau Renon. This was the first wedding ever held here so it felt like a genuine honour to even be there, never mind shooting the wedding video.

Mark and I spent a day in the city beforehand exploring skateshops, having beers and eating pizza. After we rented our hire car we could not believe the scenery of the wine region outside the city. It was like something straight out of a movie.

The wedding went off without a hitch thanks to planner Amandine's immaculate time keeping and arranging and good times were had by all.

I would rush back to this region in a heartbeat to shoot another wedding video!


Awesome DJ:





Maria & Stephen's wedding video at Castle Leslie Estate

Any time I receive an enquiry to shoot a wedding video at Castle Leslie Estate I have to hold back from replying something like "YES PLEASE!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LET ME SHOOT YOUR WEDDING VIDEO!!!"

This was the second of two wedding videos in a row for me, which is something I rarely book. I'm not exactly old, but I'm certainly at the point in life where shooting back to back wedding videos makes me feel like I have been hit by a truck! But when day 2 is in a venue like this it's hard to turn it down.

The place is just awesome. Genuinely one of the finest venues I have ever had the pleasure to shoot in. Maria & Stephen were awesome, full of smiles and fun. Loved this one.



Bridal Wear:


Make Up:


Martijn & Leonie's Dutch wedding  & goodbye party video. Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Even if I have just met you, it won't take me long to start talking about my love for The Netherlands. I can always bring it up pretty quickly in a conversation. I have loved the place for years. If I'm honest, it's a bit of a dream to relocate there someday. Amsterdam is my favourite place in the world (so far anyway).

Because of this, I have made multiple contacts with Dutch wedding suppliers. One such supplier was Sunnie, a wedding photographer based in Rotterdam.

So one day Sunnie messages me asking if I would like to come over and shoot Martijn & Leonie's wedding video. I hit the roof.

Martijn & Leonie were already legally married, but as they were relocating to America, they decided to have a full blown wedding celebration and going away party on the same day just outside Eindoven.

After a few sleepless nights trying to get my head around all of this, I was booked on a flight out of Northern Ireland's second best airport for Amsterdam, where I would hop on a train to Rotterdam to stay for two nights in a whacky little place called City Hub. I have stay in the City Hub in Amsterdam and can't rate the place highly enough.

The next morning I'm walking around Rotterdam, waiting for Sunnie to pick me up and the realisation hits me: "I'm about to get into a car with someone who is basically a stranger to drive out to the middle of nowhere, to shoot a wedding video for a couple I have never met and had one bit of contact with and it's all taking place in a language I don't understand."

I kinda live for situations like this. I love the random. I love the whacky little adventures and bizarre situations life can throw at you and I believe you should embrace them and challenge yourself to (to quote Yes Theory) seek discomfort.

Well, when we arrived at the location, my mind was rather blown!


After the ceremony (none of which I understood, but I was able to follow along based on the general vibe and the fact I've shot 200+ wedding videos so far) there was plenty of partying, amazing food, drinking games, fireworks, dancing, you name it!

The vibe was unreal. It was genuinely one of the nicest and most enjoyable wedding videos I have ever had the pleasure to shoot. Sunnie was a dream to work with too!

Right at the end of the night, one of the guests found out I was from Northern Ireland and absolutely demanded that we drink whiskey together. This was as my bag was on my back and we were headed out the door! He dragged me to the bar and asked for two whiskeys for him and his "Irish friend". I'm shaking my head like crazy as (despite the fact I love whiskey) we really had to leave. Thankfully the pop up bar wasn't serving whiskey so he assured me "I'll get it sorted" and started looking around for a whiskey source. I'm not gonna lie, as soon as his head was turned I ran.

The bar has been set pretty high, but I can only hope this videographer from Northern Ireland gets to shoot more Dutch wedding videos!

Thanks to everyone involved for making it happen. The craziest part? The next weekend I was off to France to shoot a wedding video In Bordeaux! Back to back foreign wedding videos for this guy!



11 years and several hundred wedding videos later and I'm finally writing my first blog post! I have officially joined the 21st century.

Wedding videos weren't even remotely on my radar until I was asked by my now wife, then girlfriend's cousin if I could shoot hers. My response was something like "Uh, I guess?" and now here I am.

It's currently July 2023 and this has been a weird month. Despite summers normally being a very busy time of year, I only had two wedding videos this July. But what made this month super busy was that they were both destination weddings! The first one being in The Netherlands and the second in France. On top of this, my wife and I had a trip to Amsterdam to celebrate ten years of marriage. So six flights later and I'm wrecked!

The first 'proper' blog coming up will detail the random story behind my last minute trip to shoot a wedding video in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.


LR - Preview 6.jpg

My wife and I on our anniversary trip to Amsterdam



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